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Pizza delivery Ettiquette

as many of us float woefully along in these poor economic times
some of us are taking jobs that are not our first choice
they are not our profession
but they *are* how our bills are getting paid
(or at least part of our bills)

my 45 year old husband
a stagehand, rigger, fork-op by trade
also with 10+ years exp. in middle management
(retail and food service)
has had to take more and more hours working as a pizza delivery guy at a local restaurant
there simply are no other jobs

I would like the pizza eating population to consider these things:

tip the pizza guy as generously as you can afford to
the delivery charge
in most cases, does NOT got to the driver
the delivery charge is NOT the driver's tip
some restaurants give the driver part of that charge
(my husband get 65 cents of the 1.95 delivery charge, this barely covers his gasoline)
even a dollar is good people
the delivery charge does not go to the driver

when you call, know what you want to order
don't tell the guy who answers the phone "hold on"
and then scream into the phone and at your household
use your phone manners...you should never scream while on the telephone

Don't order a delivery because you can't get out of your house
you have a foot or so of snow on your steps and porch and walk and driveway
maybe there is a pond from the road to your front door because the river has flooded
If you cannot get out of your house,
why would you make someone else walk through that mess to bring you food?

Don't call for delivery if your house has no house numbers...
and then get angry because the driver can't find your house.
Buy some house numbers, they are not that expensive.

Turn on your porch light.
It is easier to find your house numbers with some light.
How do you expect someone to count change in the dark?

Do not send a 3 year old to the front door to get the food with a check for the driver.
They cannot carry the king size pizza & 2 liter of pop  you ordered.
and every driver knows that when a 3 year old answers the door, he is not getting a tip...
you are not fooling anyone.

Take your dog off the front porch when you order the pizza.

Don't tell the driver, you wish you could afford to give him a tip but you can't, because you are as poor as he is...
no you're not, because we can't afford to buy carry out food, even with the discount we get....and you just ordered a $30. pizza for chrissake!

Don't take a shower or got to the store right after you order the pizza.
The driver does not want to drive to your house 2 or 3 times because you can't answer the door or you are not at home.

After you hang up the phone, get your money and coupons ready for the driver.
Don't make him stand in the pouring rain/freezing cold/etc while you run around indoors looking for money....be prepared.

If you are ordering from your job/place of business, be ready for the driver when he arrives
or give your money to someone else who can be ready.
Many times the driver wastes time waiting at a factory gate or standing at a reception desk for the person who ordered the food.
what...you are busy because you are at work?
so is the delivery driver...you are not their only delivery and every moment wasted waiting for you is lost money for the driver.

It just takes a little bit of preparation and good manners to be recognized as a decent human being....when you do nothing, you not only treat others without respect...you also make yourself look very bad and believe me, we have your address on file at the pizza place, with notes.
Maybe that's why your delivery is taking so long?


you can tell a lot about a person by the way they tip and treat service personnel...

Having done that gig