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still here

after we spent like $300 on tires, the damn car broke
and we had to replace a CV something on the front right wheel
another $200
RD missed 2 full days of work  *and* tips
(tips are our food money...so we had only $27 for food this week, till next tuesday
thank gawd I stocked up on cat food and soymilk last week)

tax refund
if it wasn't gone already
it would def be gone now
I got nothing as usual
the car cock-blocked me from getting my morelle mushroom growing kit
I hate cars
one of the many reasons I still do not drive
money sucking planet poisoning mechanical killing machines

I've been thinking of katrina for the past few weeks
like all the time
today it dawned on me that she died just over 2 years ago
killed in that car accident
damn...2 years

RD's face is slowly losing all the scabs from falling up the stairs
it's gross
but it looks a little better now
I def do not want to kiss him...yet

my calender sez:
At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like a bigger loser.

lol...I love that