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one of those "double-damn daze"...pt 1

started yesterdaze, in the shower...
I thought I would recolor my hair, reddish brown of course...
a good idea, but the shower gremlins do tend to hate me as much as I hate them
I start the water with my lovely steam-punk vise grips custom shower handle,
get the temp right
climb in & turn on the shower which sprays cold water all over me
until the warm water finally starts coming out
I turn...
knock the small already opened pkt of after color conditioner into the tub
step down, directly on the pkt of course
discharging all of my precious conditioner all over the tub
so, I bend over
and try to scoot the plop of conditioner to the other end of the tub
so it doesn't get rinsed down the drain
the hair color is now rinsing into both of my eyes...
my eyes are on *fire* now,
I am still trying to scoot the precious conditioner
until finally, I can no longer see becoz of the intense burning...
I turn and put my face under the shower trying to blast the burning chemicals out of my eyes
and I begin to scrub and rinse the color out of my hair
when my hair is as rinsed as its gonna be
I bend over again and scoop up my sad little pile of precious conditioner
and plop it onto my head
::this is really a very sad moment here..so pause and think about it...okay::
my eyes are still burning, but i did save enuff conditioner to save my hair from being straw
finally I am out and free of the horrible shower gremlins
my head is wrapped in a towel
and I am dressed
Road-Dawg sees me and says....
"wow, we need to change the filter on the shower! ...your eyes are really red from the chlorine!"
I just nodded and said,
"yes, yes we do."
::its easier than trying to explain::


Ok that had me giggling over my coffee... I'm sorry your day started that way. (hugs)