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the car fire...thanksgiving 2010

the car fire, a Thanksgiving that will live on forever in my memory...
I hate Thanksgiving anyways
becoz we *always* have to go to a McGonagle's house
I haven't had Thanksgiving with my mom since about 1985
so, 2010...
the Thanksgiving of the car fire....

the ride to Ann Arbor went fine
Road-Dawg managed well
we had some issues with the bathroom
but I was able to help him and that was fine
dinner was okay
then we all piled back into the Mitsubishi to head home
::Mitsubishi is my dad's SUV he lent us so we would have a good car to get RD
to and from therapy...it is easier for him to get in & out of than a regular sedan::
the red-haired boy was driving
RD up front with him
Jess and I in the backseat

there was light on the dash that kept flashing
and the car was whining
red-hair pulled over and tried to resolve it
nothing worked
RD was agitated and kept saying
"just keep going, we need to get home...keep driving"
not wanting to agitate him further
red-hair kept driving

we made it to the OH/MI border when something flew off the truck near the axle
red-hair pulled off the road
jumped out to check the engine
which still ran and he was able to change gears btw
after looking under the hood
he flies back into the truck and grabs the keys, shouting
"the engine is on fire!...everyone out"
he throws the keys to Jess

Jess and I jump out, get into the back to get RD's wheelchair
so we can get him out of the car
it is raining sleet
we get the chair together, roll it to the passenger door
Road-Dawg refuses to exit the vehicle.
...are we having fun yet?

luckily red-hair puts the fire out
long story short
we get a ride home from an Ann Arbor family member
and red-hair's mom has the car towed back to Fo-troit with her AAA
::meanwhile, my dad is pissed::

Friday I pull the Saturn out of the garage
and get it ready for therapy that afternoon
when its time I load RD & his wheelchair into the car
::a process that takes about 15 minutes::
put the car into reverse
it just revs
put the car into drive
just revs
turn the car off
turn the car back on
put it into reverse
and it works
it works
we decide to call off therapy
I'm not willing to risk taking RD up to therapy
and then have the car not work

ok so
both cars go to the repair shop tomorrow
yipee -insertsarcasmhere-