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Mar. 15th, 2009

so...cutting back

I am seriously considering canceling cable tv here

my reasons why...
it costs way too much ($75 mo for basic cable here...and let's be real people, I have no business having something I can't afford in today's economy)
the new digital upgrade on TimeWarner here sucks mightily
(we have lost channels...the digital picture freezes, but the sound track keeps going...the digital guide has to "reload" every time you try to use it...the digital music channels are now fucked and the music sounds like it is skipping)

why I don't want to...
damn, I will miss my shows like Heroes, LOST, and ER, etc

I am planning to buy one of the digital tv converter boxes and see if I can get a few regular channels with that
*if* you need to have an antennae, we do have the tower type that is actually taller than our house
but the antennae cords have been torn up by Road-Dawg when he trims the bushes around our house
I am not sure if you need an antennae *with* the converter box
I am hoping you don't
but we do have the tower if we need it

If all fails and we get no tv at all
we will still have a dvd player
and most tv shows come out on dvd eventually now
we can get news & weather online (even local newspapers)
we could subscribe to netflix for dvds and still save big over the monthly cable payment

I looked into other ways to save money
but I can't get rid of my landline/phone here because the DSL is dependent on that
the only other way I can get rid of any bills
is to default on my credit cards...which I will put off as long as I can
if anyone else has any money saving ideas
i am all ears

yummy leftovers

yeah, so I got this one from Oprah's show
but it is really good

what to do with leftover chicken and some veggies?

saute in olive oil chopped onion (I used green onions) and veggies (I used snow pea pods & shrooms)
then add soy sauce (*about 1/4 cup) and the juice of one lime
now add chopped up leftover chicken, and chopped fresh mango
cook till heated thru

serve over mixed wholegrain (or you could just use rice)

your proportions may have to be adjusted depending on how many people you are serving
*keep in mind, there is only me and Road-Dawg here

Mar. 14th, 2009

one pair of jeans, repurposed

from ONE pair of jeans I made 2 large totes and (eventually) and apron.

smaller tote is 10" tall x 14" wide
larger tote is 12" tall x 17" wide
both have boxed bottoms so they will actually hold groceries or whatever.
On one end I put a back pocket that will hold a bottle of water or an umbrella or a soda, etc
the opposite end has one or two belt loops which can be used for keys or a bandana or charms
closure is a strip of the jeans knotted and another belt loop
the larger bag has a handle made from the waistband
(I still need to make a handle for the smaller tote)
both are totally lined with cotton fabric

there is actually a bottle of wine, a 64 oz juice bottle and a big box of oatmeal in the large tote
the small one has the water bottle in the side pocket and has about 7 boxes of organic mac and cheese inside
both have room for more stuff

In front is the apron mock up which will be made from the jean front with pockets


for those who have not seen it yet


warning this will make you cry...probably
especially if you love animals
because it is so wonderful

on the anniversary and 23's

what did we do?

when you have nothing to lose
that's also what you get to do

Road-Dawg brought home a pizza from work
double mushroom, cheese with the number 23 made out of pepperoni
but also gross
becoz Tom's pizza dough and sauce are just not good
but I ate a piece anyways
Road dawg got drunk and fell asleep
I could not fall asleep as usual
tv was horribly boring
the cd player is broken
so I read my book until about 3 am
decided I had to try to sleep
fell asleep about 5am
woke up at 8am

23 years is a freakishly long time
it's been kind of like one long war
with a bunch of small angry battles
nobody wins
would it be better to be alone
or at least not married?
I think so but
I dunno
people who are alone/unmarried generally think what I have is better
so I figure
stick with what we have
one of us will die sooner or later
::romantic, I know::

Mar. 13th, 2009

silly project

I forgot to post this one
I made it a few weeks ago
just to prove that I could

I started with a small scrap of osnaburg (cotton fabric with slubs)
cut out a circle about 4" or less
(I never measure anything if I don't need to)
then I did a buttonhole stitch around the edge with natural colored cotton string
then I took a very small crochet hook
and did several rows of crochet around
the first row thru the 1/8" button hole stitches
to create this lacy doily effect
with a small scrap
and some string
I made a pretty thing

I'm giving it to my mom, she loves froo-frooey stuff like this
I like it coz its something from nothing
it just cost time

(second project almost ready to take pics...very soon, and working on a third already)


Mar. 9th, 2009

any arkbuilders out there??

it's flooding all around us
the tornadoes hit further west and north
there is a lot of water coming up everywhere

so far so good here
:::knock on wood:::
and if anything does flood in this house
I plan to ignore it

Findlay is under water downtown
Mike & Melissa's house is flooded (basement & yard)
and the Blanchard River is only 4 feet above flood right now
by Wednesday (after rain Tuesday and Wednesday) it could be much higher

Road-Dawg and I drove to Tiffin to get food yesterday
and there were lakes of water behind the houses on St Rt 18
not to mention creeks and drainage ditches that are now raging rivers of brown water
at one point just past Bascom
the flood waters were coming over the edge of the road
we won't be going back to Tiffin or into Findlay until after Thursady

I hope the waters do recede
because Friday the 13th is our 23rd Anniversary
and I do think
I deserve at least a meal
(there's nothing in Fo-town...believe me)

other than flooding rains and high winds
things here are pretty boring
which I am not complaining about

Feb. 27th, 2009

ok, here's the latest crochet thing

finally done
it measures about 6' 4" square
and looks rather bohemian on the bed
IRL, the colors are bright pink, purple, blue and green with 3 shades of brown

on the floor...no matter what I did I could not fit the whole thing in one shot

and on the bed...it looks pretty cool I think

and I used up most of my yarn...
ok, not most of it...but at least a good 20%
alright, not 20%
at least 10% though ...really :-D
(damn, I have a lot of yarn left here...what to do next...no, no...busy with my sewing project now)


Feb. 25th, 2009

heavanly shades of night are falling....

each day I pray for evening, just to be with you
at last at Twilight Time....

I am reading "Twilight" now
and I just can't control myself from *laughing out loud* at the teenage angst in this book!

Road Dawg will say..."what are you laughing at?"
I'll answer, "My book, Twilight"
he says..."Isn't that a story about Vampires?"

I don't know if the humor is intentional
but I am enjoying the book ...for whatever reason.

Feb. 24th, 2009

...to me yer like a grown addiction that I can't deny...

finding some really cool lectures on the intrawebz
mostly on dopefiend.co.uk : the Cannabis Podcast Networks
under, "Psychonautica"
they only archive so far back so I am putting them on disc so I can listen to them repeatedly
(actually Road-Dawg is doing this for me, becoz I still can't fathom this podcast thing :-P)
and believe me
especially with ott, but also with everything else
I have to listen repeatedly becoz my brain does not like to think to hard anymore, lol

interesting times to be poor for sure
I am devising meals from very little these days
and actually becoming creative with leftovers to feed us the next day
(RD is not one for leftovers and has such an appetite, there usually is not much left)
I'll have to check with Steve the Deerhunter and see if he has any venison or fish he would like to barter with

I am *trying* to figure out the webpage thing
actually the html was easy to be refreshed in my angry mind
now I cannot figure how to upload to the free sites
I may just see about getting an eBay vendors page
I know how to list auctions there, so this might be an easy fix for the meantime
this New Moon has me a bit wacky creative
as I told Sade
I can focus, but it's wonky focus
and while I am working on one thing, I am thinking about two steps ahead
it doesn't bother me too much
becoz I kind of like that type of creative chaos
...where ya have to step back and go...oh yeah, first I have to finish this, then I will do that
I am rambling now

...but did you know
that when it snows
my eyes become large
and the light that you shine
can't be seen...

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